31 Jul 2015

Developing our Connections at Together, Barcelona, 11-12 Feb. 2016

Together is Elia’s new initiative aiming to:


  • Bring freelance language professionals and companies together in the same place by creating an environment that facilitates dialogue and mutual growth,
  • Provide a unique venue for all stakeholders in the language industry and let them openly discuss how they can develop their networks and expand the services offered to an increasingly demanding market.


Together is expected to be attended by


  • Translators, Interpreters, Editors, Proof-readers, Language Professionals
  • Language Service Providers
  • Technology Providers
  • Language Industry Consultants


from Europe and beyond, interested in expanding their business, networking, maintaining existing relationships or creating new ones, promoting their expertise, sharing experiences and exploring new ideas and opportunities, and last but not least, contributing to the future of the industry.


Visit Together’s web pages to find more information