10 Jul 2017

Company Statement. Aglatech14 S.p.A. – Liguria Traduce S.r.l.

Milan, 30th June 2017

Aglatech14 S.p.A. and Liguria Traduce S.r.l. have come to an agreement on the takeover of the business of Liguria Traduce S.r.l. by Aglatech14 S.p.A., effective from August 1st, 2017.

Aglatech14 S.p.A is ISO:17100 certified, has been operating on the market since 1997 and specializes in technical translations, particularly in the translation of patents and legal documents. Liguria Traduce S.r.l. has been in business since 1984 and has focused on providing services to other international translation companies in recent years.

Thanks to this takeover, Aglatech14 will consolidate the growth achieved in the last few years, by taking advantage of Liguria Traduce’s experience in fields that are complementary to its main one, where it expects to exceed 50 million translated words by the end of 2017.
Mr. Manuele Vecchi, currently the Sole Director of Liguria Traduce, who has extensive experience in the field and a large network of international relationships, will join Aglatech14 as of July 3rd, 2017 as Business Development Manager.

Aglatech14 will thus expand its marketing department, which already includes the current Business Development Manager, Ms. Paola Caminiti.
Following the takeover of Liguria Traduce, the staff of Aglatech14 will consist of 14 in-house translators and proofreaders and three project managers, all of them reporting to the Operational Department, managed by Ms. Alessandra Grassi.

The takeover of Liguria Traduce is an integral part of the development strategy pursued by Aglatech14 S.p.A.