10 Jul 2017

Company Statement. Aglatech14 S.p.A. – Liguria Traduce S.r.l.

Milan, 30th June 2017

Aglatech14 S.p.A. and Liguria Traduce S.r.l. have come to an agreement on the takeover of the business of Liguria Traduce S.r.l. by Aglatech14 S.p.A., effective from August 1st, 2017.

Aglatech14 S.p.A is ISO:17100 certified, has been operating on the market since 1997 and specializes in technical translations, particularly in the translation of patents and legal documents. Liguria Traduce S.r.l. has been in business since 1984 and has focused on providing services to other international translation companies in recent years.

Thanks to this takeover, Aglatech14 will consolidate the growth achieved in the last few years, by taking advantage of Liguria Traduce’s experience in fields that are complementary to its main one, where it expects to exceed 50 million translated words by the end of 2017.
Mr. Manuele Vecchi, currently the Sole Director of Liguria Traduce, who has extensive experience in the field and a large network of international relationships, will join Aglatech14 as of July 3rd, 2017 as Business Development Manager.

Aglatech14 will thus expand its marketing department, which already includes the current Business Development Manager, Ms. Paola Caminiti.
Following the takeover of Liguria Traduce, the staff of Aglatech14 will consist of 14 in-house translators and proofreaders and three project managers, all of them reporting to the Operational Department, managed by Ms. Alessandra Grassi.

The takeover of Liguria Traduce is an integral part of the development strategy pursued by Aglatech14 S.p.A.

31 Jul 2015

Developing our Connections at Together, Barcelona, 11-12 Feb. 2016

Together is Elia’s new initiative aiming to:


  • Bring freelance language professionals and companies together in the same place by creating an environment that facilitates dialogue and mutual growth,
  • Provide a unique venue for all stakeholders in the language industry and let them openly discuss how they can develop their networks and expand the services offered to an increasingly demanding market.


Together is expected to be attended by


  • Translators, Interpreters, Editors, Proof-readers, Language Professionals
  • Language Service Providers
  • Technology Providers
  • Language Industry Consultants


from Europe and beyond, interested in expanding their business, networking, maintaining existing relationships or creating new ones, promoting their expertise, sharing experiences and exploring new ideas and opportunities, and last but not least, contributing to the future of the industry.


Visit Together’s web pages to find more information

31 Jul 2015

Another Networking Days event not to miss – ND Krakow, 1-3 Oct. 2015

Elia is heading back north but remaining close to the centre of Europe for its October 2015 Networking Days event. With its long history dating back to the early Stone Age and monuments of extraordinary beauty and cultural heritage, Krakow will be the host city of our ND event on 1-3 October.


Inspired by Krakow’s incredibly dynamic intellectual potential, Networking Days’ Program Committee has already started working on the ND Krakow program to offer the industry another unique setting for a conference full of new ideas and themes. Join us in Krakow to benefit from yet more opportunities to share best practice, to participate in hands-on sessions and interactive workshops, and to develop great business and networking relationships against the background of this historic city.


ND Krakow will be held in the stylish Holiday Inn Krakow City Centre Hotel, a striking architectural blend of a 19th century palace incorporated into state of the art facilities. The hotel is conveniently located in the heart of Krakow’s Old City, only minutes away from the main Market Square, the Kazimierz Jewish Quarter, Wawel Castle, and Krakow’s biggest shopping centres.


Have a look on the ND Krakow Program and Social Events


07 Sep 2013

After the summer, two events not to be missed in Europe

As we already pointed out in some previous news, professional training is extremely important for us.

Between late September and early October, the spotlight will be on two events, in the Netherlands and in Malta.


On September 27th, the annual conference of the Dutch Association of Translation Agencies (Vereniging van Vertaalbureaus in Nederland – VviN) will be held in The Hague; the event features a very rich and interesting program and is tellingly named “Quality under pressure”.

During the Conference, our partner Manuele Vecchi will present a case study on the management of two translation projects characterized by extreme rapidity and high complexity; the first will be presented together with longtime partner Attached BV, while the second will cover the organization of human resources through the use of CAT software Memsource.

Dutch Association of Translation Agencies >>




The autumn edition of the ELIA Networking Days will take place in the enchanting scenery of Malta, on 3rd – 5th October.

Its program is also very dense and includes sessions on business management, quality management, sales and computer tools necessary for a modern translation company in order to keep up with the market.

Among the speakers, more than one is bound to attract the audience’s attention: let us mention for example Zehi Sabak, language manager for Facebook in Europe.

ELIA Networking Days >>

24 May 2013

There are some words that cannot be translated…

There are some words that cannot be translated. And what if you MUST translate them? The only thing you can do is to ask a professional


Thanks to our experience in the marine industry, we deal with highly specific and sectorial requests that are sometimes difficult to explain to those who are not involved in the process.


This happens with marine charter party agreements. Several times during the year, our customers ask us to translate agreements and relevant enclosures. These documents are normally written in English. No matter who the concerned parties are or where the agreements are entered into because English is the language used for charter party agreements.


But what happens when disputes arise between the parties in connection with these types of agreements? Generally speaking the concerned parties are one shipowner at least, typically a Greek person or entity, one charterer, maybe from USA, and a ship broker, who is usually Italian.


At this stage, if an Italian court is summoned, an into-Italian translation of documents is required. Judges are not brokers. Not everyone can know what ship lightening is for example. In this case, only real “sea dogs” can help!


This is exactly the field in which we have chosen to cultivate and increase our experience and qualifications. Our translators know ships and how they are built. They perfectly know that an oil tanker is not exactly the same as a gas tanker despite the fact that they are both afloat. Every time we deal with a charter party agreement, at some point we always find ourselves wondering “Wait, this cannot be translated! This is the word which is commonly used, how can you say it in Italian?” But then we put ourselves in the judge’s shoes and find the term that can exactly translate the original word into Italian, explaining the original concept and finding the right context in which the word is used.


Are you dying to know what a ship lightening is? Well, here it is:
The unloading of an oil tanker or a bulk carrier, by means of a lighter, within a port’s waters, in order to reduce the ship draught so that the ship can dock.

29 Jan 2013

Welcome to ltgenova.com

Happy New Year! We hope that 2013 will bring peace and prosperity at last.
We want to start off with the right foot: this is why we are launching our new website, to introduce our brand new identity and head towards the future.
This is a new beginning for us, a wave of fresh ideas and professional work, which we want to share with all of you: clients, freelancers and partners.

29 Jan 2013


The European Language Industry Association is a unique place where the protagonists of the translation industry – companies and individual translators – can meet to discover what is new in the translation market and get professional training.


Since we are a translation company, a direct and concrete engagement in ELIA is just a natural step, if we want to keep our work up. To us, attending the Networking Days, means growing, getting to know highly specialized partners, always being a step ahead in the world around us and, most of all, learning.


This is why we do it: so that we can do what you need the best we can.

29 Jan 2013

Come and meet our CAT

A CAT (no, not the furry one), is a precious tool for translators – it stands for Computer Aided Translation.

When clients hear it for the first time, they are worried, because they think their texts will be translated by a machine, which often is not so smart. But when they give it a try, they discover that the terminology in their translations is more consistent, that processing times are speedier,and costs are lower.

This is when they starting loving it, just like we do.

29 Jan 2013

Translators and Writers

We often think that translation is tedious, and we wonder how on earth can one take pleasure in translating pages and pages of Chamber of Commerce certificates or in interpreting boring conferences which seem to be interesting only for the few specialists attending it.

Now, the beautiful book “Found in translation” by Nataly Kelly e Jost Zetzsche finally explains why the work of translators and interpreters is so important for each one of us, especially for those who do not even know the difference between the two…

Think about it and look around yourself: you’ll discover that translation has an impact on many things.